You and your needs are at the forefront of Steel-Mac

Here at Steel-Mac, we believe in quality, quality, quality. That’s quality steel, quality services, and quality relationships. Whether you need structural steel, bespoke welding, or just a beam, we’re here to help. We like to make sure you get more than what you’re paying for, so our customer service is world-class. What are you waiting for?

Your one stop steel shop

Building steel

Supply of processed steel cut and painted as per requirements.


At Steel-Mac we have a fully certified onsite installation team working with industry-leading logistics. We also have heavy lifting hauliers who specialise in the field of steelwork installations.

Onsite welding

We have diversified to suit different build types and the requirements for site welding and fabrication. We have a fully certified onsite fabrication and welding team to meet demands onsite call outs 24/7.


We understand the need for bespoke designs, therefore we set aside time to work around your busy schedule in designing your next steel-work project, using the industry’s best and most advanced drawing systems.

Why we became a partner of Buy A Beam

Steel Mac is always looking for the best way to provide top quality service to you. A huge part of our ethos is community – both a community of clients and of partners. Buy A Beam is a fantastic network of fabricators that allows you to buy steel online in seconds. A few clicks and you have the steel you need. And, if you have any questions about your order, we are just a phone call away.